Jim McGee’s Bar caters for a wide variety of ages with the front bar, the snug also the back bar. The front bar is characterised by its daily lively local banter, one can hear about the history and sights to see in town by just asking the locals whom are more than willing to show off their knowledge.
For those who just wish to enjoy a quiet drink one can use the snug area, which is as the name suggests small and cosy, in this area one can read the paper away from any interruption.
The back bar is a lively area for the young and energetic to meet.
We pride ourselves on our bar providing something for everyone to enjoy with its famous wall to wall memorabilia which can catch your attention for quite a time due to its diversity showing Wexford’s historic culture either one can view the many pictures placed around the bar showing famous actors and sports personalities. We also provide music some evenings for you to enjoy, there is always an open invitation to take part or just sing along. Televised sporting events are part of the culture in McGee’s and can be seen on many of televisions around the bar, we have had many sporting heroes join us for a pint as can be seen from the photos. One can always be entertained daily in McGee’s bar as it characterises all that is great in traditional Irish pubs.


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